Sunset bat – $63*

Bats are usually nocturnal creatures, but this one always gets up early to get a glimpse of the sunset. It loves the colors so much, that they somehow left quite a vivid imprint on the bat’s fur.

Materials: the piece is cast in tinted resin, painted with acrylics and sealed with several layers of varnish and epoxy coating to prevent scuffing. Faux fur is securely attached with hot glue, perfectly safe for brushing and combing.
Size (roughly and not counting the fur): 4.5cm height, 9cm length, 6cm width.

* The price is discounted (regular price is $70) because its claw was broken in the process. It’s glued back again and holds pretty well, but still I recommend handling with some extra care. On the 4th picture you can see the seam (not visible on the top side).