OOAK Argus


…It was not long since victorious Kronids have ascended from the soil of the Earth to the arch of the sky, and set their feet on the celestial path. Hera then became the goddess of heavens, with all-seeing stellar guardian Argus Panoptes standing over her. Miraculous eyes covered the body of Argus. And thousands of earthly eyes turned from the ground to the sky, gazing at his own eyes, marveled by the mysterious shimmer. Titans stretched out their hands to these fiery flowers to pick them from the sky and pin them to the chest of the mountains – for they have forgotten that Argus was a titan as well.
“Tales of the Titans” by Jacob Golosowker

Materials: the piece is sculpted with hard epoxy putty (Magic Sculpt and Apoxie Sculpt), painted with acrylics and sealed with several layers of varnish and epoxy coating to prevent scuffing. Inlaid with glass eyes and a garnet cabochon (the garnet has a natural crack on its surface, which however doesn't affect its integrity).
Size(roughly): 4cm height, 2.5cm width. Comes with 50cm black leather cord +5cm extender chain.

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